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Most business owners feel overwhelmed, stressed, and even frustrated by the constant challenges they face, trying to grow their business. However, they fight these battles alone, and as a result suffer long years of unfavorable performance. Luckily, there is another way; for more than 25 years, Dirayaah™ has been working to inspire businesses all around the world through our awesome business blueprint techniques.

Business Blueprinting
مخططات الأعمال

Follow our approach and get the best of both worlds

We apply an approach for business blueprint and needs analysis that combines methods from business and information systems to possibly bridge the gap between what’s in hand and to what you aspire. Our people identify valuable changes to your business regardless of its size; the are ready to spot your organization strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well as to benchmark its results against competitors, best practices or ideal performance, and to evaluate your business capabilities and maturity level.
Our qualified consultants determine the best solutions to your business problems that could be automating your work processes, developing software integration solutions and training your staff. They would choose the combination of services and solutions to deliver the ultimate value within your organization budget range and financial capabilities. We could offer perpetual revenue share, annual subscription, turnkey, and many other payment facilities.

Other Services

Solution Design

Go for scalable, extensible, reliable solutions and not just functional-compliant software!

On-demand Software Development

Experience the power of our custom software development!

User experience (UX) Research and Strategy

Have the advantage of competitive analysis, sensemaking, behavior, mapping, usability analysis and much more!


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