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Avail yourself of the outcome of both generative and evaluative research

In Dirayaah™ we are keen to provide only terrific UX/UI designs for all developed solutions, so our designers always need to dig a bit deeper into how people think and act. Our research encompasses two types of research: generative and evaluative.

The generative user research is pivotal and helps us discover and analyze your users’ behavior, needs, and motivations to contribute context and insights to solution strategy and design, which, in turn, helps our team identify needed requirements. Our evaluative UX research, preferably conducted throughout the development cycle, is to test the designed solution to see if it meets people’s needs, is easy to access and use, and is hopefully even enjoyable.

User Experience - UX
أبحاث واستراتيجيات تجربة المُستخدم

Have the advantage of competitive analysis, sensemaking, behavior, mapping, usability analysis and much more!

We apply many methods of UX research and analysis, to spot the most suitable methodologies depending on your project’s requirements and constraints. Ranging from competitive analysis, sensemaking, behavior mapping, usability analysis, heuristic evaluation, content strategy, information architecture, ideation, interaction design, prototyping & testing, to visual design, our UX/user research provides an indispensable foundation for design strategy.

They help our partners have optimal solutions created for end users. Most importantly, our partners acquire the data to back their strategy and design decisions and identify early adopters who would use their product/solution.

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