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Feel the one-stop shop experience on receiving your turnkey solution

Our leadership has strategized transforming Dirayaah™ into a shared services team, through which our partners feel the one-stop shop experience on being delivered turnkey solutions. As part of this process, we have developed a strategy that led to a vision of becoming a reliable source of support to our partners, and providing them with business solutions and value-added development that would allow them to focus on their specific business plans.

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Enjoy the added value with our all-in-one shared services team

Our shared services include developing social media strategies, management and operation, multimedia content development and production, branding, instructional and curriculum design for digital learning initiatives, publishing, portal translation and content developments and operation management for portals and intranet including SEO , media production, and content marketing.

As per the diversity of projects processed at Dirayaah™, efficiency has already been worked into our environment. Meanwhile, the main reason behind the transformation into a shared services team has been to offer added value to our partners by lowering costs and allowing different departments to focus on their strategic priorities through resource sharing, increasing span of control, and integrating all efforts from different operational units.

Other Services

Business Blueprinting and Needs Analysis

Want To Plan For Your Next Business Growth? No More Frustration!

Solution Design

Go for scalable, extensible, reliable solutions and not just functional-compliant software!

On-demand Software Development

Experience the power of our custom software development!

User experience (UX) Research and Strategy

Have the advantage of competitive analysis, sensemaking, behavior, mapping, usability analysis and much more!