At Dirayaah Smart Technologies,
we grow together!
We grow together! We believe in collective effort and thus success for all.
Our people, the secret to our success, are truly the main driver of our achievements.
We never fail to pay attention to both personal and career development of our staff,
and we are always committed to the well-being of our people.



Flexibility really matters. If two thirds of all employees consider flexible work schedules and arrangement, we – as a company – have confidently embraced flexible work options to satisfy our employees, achieve significant retention, and have lower overheads.

Full-time 100%

We believe work is something you DO, and never somewhere you GO! With no everyday commute, nor formal dress, or even no one to stop by your workstation to chitchat… what not to like about remote work?!

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We believe “longer” workdays don’t necessarily mean “better” for businesses. Humans aren’t created to maintain productivity for more than 6 hours straight – and trying to do so leads to waste of time. We don’t want our staff to be exposed to the risk of burnout.



We promise to keep our staff engaged in meaningful projects, serving millions of people on earth. Our people always experience a sense of accomplishment and pride themselves that they don’t only work but they also serve people through their accomplished work.


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